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    The Hulkكلمات سر


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    The Hulkكلمات سر

    مُساهمة  Kemo في الأربعاء يناير 27, 2010 9:02 pm

    The Hulk

    Enter the following codes while playing.
    Find a "Game Terminal" to enter them:

    SANFRAN - Unlock "Hulk Transformed" Movie Art
    PITBULL - Unlock "Hulk vs. Hulk Dogs" Movie Art
    FIFTEEN - Unlock "Desert Battle" Movie Art
    NANOMED - Unlock "Hulk Movie F/X"
    JANITOR - Unlock Gray Hulk

    Enter the following codes in Options/Code input.
    You can then activate them in Options/Special Features/Cheats.

    GMMSKIN - Invulnerability
    FLSHWND - Regenerator
    ANGMNGT - Full Rage Meter
    GRNCHTR - Unlimited Continues
    HLTHDSE - Double HP
    BRNGITN - Double HP for Enemies
    MMMYHLP - Half HP for Enemies
    FSTOFRY - Wicked Punch
    BRCESTN - Puzzle Solved
    NMBTHIH - Reset High Score
    TRUBLVR - Unlock All Levels

    Launch Parameters:
    Create a file called "args.txt" in your install directory.
    In this text file, put any of the following parameters for
    the desired effect:

    -supersoak - Unlock Everything
    -fesoak - Unlock Special Features
    -soak - Begin Directly on First Level

    Unknown parameters:

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